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set custom tab visibility

Hi everyone,
I've build a custom tab through Metadata API. Now, I can see it into custom tab list in may Salesforce Account but I cannot make it visible in all my applications. How can I set the tab visibility through Metadata API?

thank's a lot,
I am having the same issue.  If I create a custom tab through the Metadata API, I cannot see it in any of my applications, even after adding it to an application through the UI.  If I create a tab using the UI and add it to an application during the creating process, then it works fine.

I can't see any additional fields that I could be setting on the CustomTab object to help dictate visibility.  Any suggestions would be great.

Any word on this?

I am having the same issues with visibility creating custom applications as well.

How do you set the visibility of tabs and applications when creating them using the Metadata API?

I'm having serious problems to create objects (custom objects, custom fields, custom tabs and applications) with metadata API. I get a list of problems I've had  below :

- sometimes custom objects are not created immediatly and errors occours when you try to manage them
- sometimes custom fields are not created
- custom tabs and applications are created, but they're not visible , furthermore it's no possible add them to other tabs with the UI interface

during creation of this objects, no errors or exception are returned by salesforce API

Do you know some other way to create custom objects, fields and tab?
Do you have some response about the problems I've reported?


I've had good success creating custom objects and fields.  As per the Metadata API documentation, anytime you call create on the Metadata API, you need to call checkStatus in a loop in order to wait and see if the asynchronous request succeeds or fails.

Here an excerpt from the documentation:

Basic Steps for Creating Metadata Components

Use the following process to create metadata components:

  1. Design an array and populate it with the components that you want to create.
  2. Call create() with the component array passed in as an argument.
  3. An AsyncResult object is returned for each component you tried to create. It is updated with status information as the operation moves from a queue to completed or error state. Call checkStatus() in a loop until the status values in AsyncResult indicate that all the create operations are completed. Start with a wait time of one second between iterations of checkStatus() calls, and double the wait time each time you make a subsequent call.


Thank you Chris,
I'm able to create custom objects and fileds now, sin I'm not able to view tabs. Even, They don't appear in user tabs list in the UI page 'customize my tabs'.
Have you found some news about this problem?

Bye bye,
You probably have to make these custom tabs visible to individual profiles.  Try modifying your profile to show this tab.
how to with metadata api?
Chiyaan AnanthChiyaan Ananth

I have the same problem.  How do I edit visibility in profile through metadata API? 

Any solutions to change the visibility through metadata API?


Thanks in Advance. 

Hi Sir,

Can you please  tell me how can i create object with tabs in salesforce from java with one example ?

Mohan Krishnan 1Mohan Krishnan 1
Is there any solution to this?