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SERVER_UNAVAILABLE: What type of exception is thrown when the server is down?



We have a client application that connects with salesforce though the API to insert/update data.

Salesforce was down for a few minutes the other day and we saw in the logs the following messages:


"SERVER_UNAVAILABLE: server temporarily unavialable, SERVER_UNAVAILABLE: server temporarily unavialable"


But I am wondering which of the following exceptions were thrown (the exception "name" wasn't tracked in the logs):


<operation name="update">

<documentation>Update a set of sObjects</documentation>

<input message="tns:updateRequest"/>

<output message="tns:updateResponse"/>

<fault message="tns:InvalidSObjectFault" name="InvalidSObjectFault"/>

<fault message="tns:UnexpectedErrorFault" name="UnexpectedErrorFault"/>

<fault message="tns:InvalidIdFault" name="InvalidIdFault"/>

<fault message="tns:InvalidFieldFault" name="InvalidFieldFault"/>



Before Salesforce went down our client application was already logged in so the only API call made repeatedly during the downtime period was an "update"


Is there a way to know which exceptions are thrown only thrown when there is a problem with the server (transit error)? so we can resend the message?


we need to make a distinction when the exception is thrown because of bad data or when it is a transit error due to server issue. If it is because of bad data, we prefer to log an error rather than retry again and again.


Could you please help here?


It would be UnexpectedErrorFault.

Thanks. Is there any where in the documentation where I can find the different types of error codes returned in that particular exception? For example SERVER_UNAVAILABLE would be one. 



Not that I know of.