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Setting Foreign Key using external id in Bulk API

hi All,

I am trying to use Bulk API and I have a scenario while upserting a Contact record I need to add reference to  Account using External ID. I did this using regular WebService API, but unable to do the same using Bulk API


as com.sforce.async.SObject does not have a method setField(String fieldName, SObject value). I was able do this with com.sforce.soap.partner.sobject.SObject


Any help or suggestions on this is appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

Ramana Maddikunta 



Bulk API supports two data formats in batches, XML and CSV. Referencing relationship fields is currenlty not supported in XML, but it does work in CSV. Just use the same format for the field name in the header row as Data Loader uses: account__r.externalIDfieldName__c


We're working to ensure parity between XML and CSV.



Any time frame on when the XML format will support this? I notice the documentation claims it currently does, but it doesn't actually work.