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Standard app API (Internal names ) in SalesForce

Hi all,


This is the Code which i have using in my Application. My goal is, If i make any changes in my Application it should  reflect in salesforce.com 


But the bellow code is reflecting only to Custom App


As i am hardcoding the Custom App Name  like this


ProfileApplicationVisibility pat=new ProfileApplicationVisibility("Force_com",false,true);



" Force_com" is the custom App Name in My Application which i have created in SalesForce.com .



The Code Works Fine & The Changes are reflecting



But when i am trying for Standard App like this  



ProfileApplicationVisibility pat=new ProfileApplicationVisibility("Call Center",false,true);


The Changes are not reflecting in salesforce.com & I am getting the Following error for it



java.lang.Exception: INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY msg: In field: application - no CustomApplication named Call Center found








String profileName="";


ArrayList<ProfileApplicationVisibility> profileApplicationVisibilityList =null;


ProfileApplicationVisibility[] pav=null;






 p=new Profile();







 ProfileApplicationVisibilityList = new ArrayList<ProfileApplicationVisibility>();




 f(profileApplicationVisibilityList.size()>0) {


pav=new ProfileApplicationVisibility[profileApplicationVisibilityList.size()];






ProfileApplicationVisibilityList = new ArrayList<ProfileApplicationVisibility>();



ProfileApplicationVisibility pat=new ProfileApplicationVisibility("Sales",false,true);





if(profileApplicationVisibilityList.size()>0) {


pav=new ProfileApplicationVisibility[profileApplicationVisibilityList.size()];









I should reflect the changes of Standard App Names  in  salesforce


please help to solve this issue.




Adithya K


Hi All


We are working on the CEPM Sales Force Connector, we have generated Metadata, Enterprise wsdl from sales force by using this wsdl we are updating Tabs, Applications, Object permissions to Sales Force application profile. For the Standard Tabs we are using ‘Standard – ‘as the prefix before tab name and it is working fine.


 for Accounts Tab its internal tab name is Standard-Account,

Campaigns Tab its internal tab name is Standard-Campaign,

Cases Tab its internal tab name is Standard-Case

For the Standard Application setting also we are using as above like ‘Standard-sales, Standard-Ideas etc.’ but its not working. So we need help to find out the unique API name's  for sales, Ideas, call center and marketing applications.

I tried by using describeSObject( ), describeTabs( ), calls but i am getting only Standard app lables but not standard Application- API (Internal names ).Actually i want Standard app internal names(API names) so that i can perform the updation in  Standard Application setting . Anybody please come across the solution to solve my problem????


Thank You

Adithya k