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I want to create a new record using the generic SObject as in Partner WSDL, but using Enterprise WSDL. I do not want a strongly typed object, just use the names and match and set it.

On the EnterpriseWSDL the setType is missing so I cannot use the Enterprise Client to create objects just like I can with Partner WSDL.


Is there is any solution for this ?



If you want to use the partner API programming model, why don't you just use the partner WSDL? there's no setType in the enterprise classes because it is strongly typed, and there are different classes for each type.


we have been using the enterprise WSDL for all our integrations.This is just another feature which we wanted to add but not availble in Enterprise.


What you're trying to do is fundamentally different than what the Enterprise API is designed to do. Use the Partner API.