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Arun KArun K 

I want to remove records from sobject using enhancedlist

  • I want to remove records from sobject using enhancedlist. iam looking for that functionality.



  • Anyone who can help in this regard would be great

Do you want to be able to select multiple records from a list view and mass delete them? Is that it?

Arun KArun K
Yes exactly.. -- With regards, K.Arun
Arun KArun K

Yes exactly,



i want to select multiple records and remove those records from one object and add them in other object using enhancedlist..





So you don't really want to delete them; you want to transfer them? From on object to another... 

There isn't a std way to do this (I believe so, I could be wrong...). 

I guess you would need to create a button with a VF page and a controller to do the job. By code you're able to get the selected objects from the list, using a StandardSetController. Then you can add them (the selected records) to the object#2, remove them from object#1 and them and update both object lists. 


I hope I was helpful.