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Guided developer discussions / fireside chats?

I'd like to throw something out there - some of the most helpful interactions I've had as a sf dev have been group discussions on other peoples complex issues with real world constraints ( budget, time, company culture limits). I would love to see a community monthly or weekly chat(ter?) where people wrote up brief test cases and the community tries to whiteboard approaches to the one people felt was
most interesting . If some of salesforces top guys could lurk and give their insight that would be an priceless ( well to me, it would surely cost sf developer time :p). Yes people are paid ig money to consult, I'm not trying to execute solutions but expand my mind for approaches. This would be the fastest way to get exposed to the numerous ( innumerable) approach angles. Inevitably in the real world, the approach options get whittled down quickly so the more in my tool belt the better. Also this is the longest board post ever. #boardblogging