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Ritika JRitika J 

Unable to login after sandbox refresh and activation

hi ,

I have refreshed and activated my sandbox. I am not able to login into sandbox now.

I am using username as my prod username +'.sandboxname'

pwd as my prod pwd.


Please let me know how can i solve this issue.



Thanks in advance


You are the only adminuser for the sandbox ? Just try to reset the password on the sandbox..
Ritika JRitika J

I tried doing forgot pwd , but i dint get any email  probably because sandbox name has been appended at end of my email.

There is no other admin at offshore.


I have seem password link coming even if the email is appended with sandbox name. Just need to wait some time to get the email.
Tejpal KumawatTejpal Kumawat

Hi Ritika,


When You refresh the Sandbox Your user name  changes as your previos sandbox username +'.sandboxname' 

and password as your  prod password.





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Thanks & Regards


Tej Pal Kumawat

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