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Sujan Kumar ReddySujan Kumar Reddy 

Which type of relationship exists b/w Salesforce Standard objects??

Hi Salesforce Gurus,


I want to know which relationship is maintained between Salesforce standard objects i.e Account, contact and Case Solution, Campaign lead, etc,... Is it Master detail relationship or look up relationship? One of my buddy having 6 years of experience in said that "there is no such relationship is maintained in between Salesforce standard objects, These relationships are meant for only custom objects.." Is  it true?  If the relationship is Master detail, it will not follow few things, like master is mandatory while creating the contact record and if we delete account record contact record is not deleted, Could anybody explored on this?? If anybody came across please share a document or any URL saying about relationships for Standard objects in Thank you in advance!!


Hi sujanKumarreddy


Go through this link about the relation ships between the standard objects in salesforce.





Sujan Kumar ReddySujan Kumar Reddy

Thanks for your reply Anil, Happy to see the relationship diagram of all Salesforce Standard Objects, Still i have a doubt whether which type of relationship is maintained in between them. i.e Master detail or Look up? If Mater detail relationship is there between Account and Contact, While creating Contact record a Account record is mandatory know, like wise if we delete any Account, the contacts should be deleted right,  but this is not followed, How come you justify for this? Do you have any idea? Thank you!!


Hi sujankumarreddy


Just try create a  2 contacts for a account.

And then delete the account and please check the contacts wether exist or deleted.

When ever a account is deleted .the related contacts for that also will be deleted.

By looking at view it will be a lookup relationship between Contact and Account.

By default it act like master detail.




Hi All,

Salesforce maintains the relationship of the objects in their architecture. Kindly see the below link for the different relationships available in Salesforce.

And I would like to tell one more point on Account-Contact relationship.
Account-Contact are of LOOKUP relationship with "cascadeDelete" Enabled. 

What is mean by casecadeDelete?
Whenever a Parent Record (Account record) is deleted, its child records (Contact record) will automatically gets deleted.
And as you know that, in looup relationship, child object records can be without parent. i.e., Contact record can be without an Account.
By default, Salesforce has enabled the "cascadeDelete" for Account and Contact standard lookup relationship.
To cross verify, you can check in the site.
Hope this is clear.
Mark this as Answer if you are clear. :)

Syed Moosa Nazir TN
Arpit Sethi 9Arpit Sethi 9
Its a bit different kind of relationship between standard objects. For an example Accounts and Contacts, When we create contacts then it follows Lookup Relationship thats why its not mandatory to select Account but When we delete Account then it follows Master-Detail Relationship thats why associated Contacts are deleted.