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Password Issues with Sandbox

Hello. I am having an odd problem.


For some reason I canot log into my sandbox (although I am almost certain that I am using the correct password).  Yes, I am logging in from ""


I tried to use the "Forgot your password" link to get my password e-mailed to me.  Unfortunately, it has been over 12 hours and I have not yet received an e-mail (and have checked my spam folder too).


Any thoughts?  Has the login procedure changed for sandboxes with the latest release?



Jeff MayJeff May

How about trying to login to the SB from your Prod org -- under Admin Setup -> Data Management -> Sandboxes.


By the way, unless you modified your email address in the SB, it went to a non-existent email since the SB name is added to all email addresses to protect the innocent.


Thanks...but I did try to also log into the SB from the Prod org - Admin Setup -> Data Management -> Sandboxes.  No luck with that as well.


Given this, does anyone know if there is any way to revise the password without blowing away by SB?

Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

Yes i came across the same problem,


You can do two things one is using the same user Id, but enter the prod password.


If that doesn't work ask your admin to reset the email to your original email id and reset the password.


Thanks for the idea.  Would you mind if I clarified your suggestions.


1) use the same user ID...but enter the prod password

** Are you saying that I should go to "" and enter the SB login with the production password?



2) Asking the admin to reset the email to my original email ID

I am the admin of the I don't think that the email can be reset.  Am I missing something?



Thanks again for the help here.  


If you register the Domain name on sandbox and forcing to login with Domain name, Use the Domain URL to login into sandbox.

Srikanth. K
Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

for 1) yes

2)Are you the one who created the sandbox from the prod. If you have prod acess change your email id on sandbox from the prod.

and reset your password . so you will get mail since there is a proper email id. nex thing is as usual 


Thanks a lot for the help...but I am still confused how I could change my sandbox e-mail from the production org.  Isn't the sandbox self-contained (in other words, to do any administration of the sandbox, don't I need the sandbox password)?


Again, I really appreciate the help.

Jeff MayJeff May

If you look at the User records in the SB, some characters were added to the end of all the email addresses. This way, testing of emails don't go to real people.  You can edit your User record in the SB to set it back to your actual email so you get notifications (like password resets, security keys, etc)


Thanks for the followup.  It is definitely appreciated.


Unfortunately, unless I am missing something, I cannot look at user records in the SB since I apparently do not have the SB password any longer.  Is there another way of viewing SB details?  I tried one of the previous suggestions of accessing the SB via using the SB login and production pwd...but I had no luck.




Arunkumar PaulrajArunkumar Paulraj
Hi Bozotheclown,

I'm facing the same issue, unable to identify the sandbox password. Did you get a resolution for this? I'd appreciate your help on this!

Note: - I'm the current administrator and the sandbox which I'm not able to access was created by another admin user who has left the company.