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Tabs not showing in the Customer Portal?



  In my trial Org I have created a customer portal and I have done all the setup but tabs are not showing when I am login into customer portal.


   but previously I done customer portal in my packaged Org and when I am try login that customer portal the tabs are showing my question is Is I need to do any extra setup in my trial Org?

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Finally i found the solution.

In the User level i didn't give the Managed Packages Assign Licenses.
i think it will help out to some others

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Cloud CredenceCloud Credence

Verify the following.


1. The custom object or standard object behind those tabs, Are these visible to the Customer Portal Profile.

2. Whether the Tabs are given Visibility.

3. See whether the App that is made visible to the Customer Portal has got these tabs added.




You should configure following things:

1) Go to App Setup ----> Customize ------> Customer Portal -------> Settings -----> Click on your customer portal

2) Click on Customize Portal tabs and then add all the needed tabs

3) Click on Edit Profiles which is at the bottom of the page. Add all the relevant profiles

4) Make sure all these profiles have the read access to the object of which you have created a tab for.


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Yep,Thanks for you reply.


 I already told you it is working on My Developer edition here I have done package but in my trial org it is not working.


In my trial Org I have enabled the following steps to my custom portal profile which is cloned by Customer Portal Manager Standard license. 


1. My app is enabled  

2. Objects are enabled

3. Given read, edit permissions

4.tabs are added to my customer portal.


 here standard tabs are showing(Cases,solutions,reports like) but not custom objects tab even I made My Activity web tab it is also not showing I don't know what I am missing.


Please help me.


Hello ssss,


   I have done all the steps. In my base edition where i have done my package there also i created customer portal in this customer portal tabs are showing but in my trial org also i have done customer portal and done all the setup what i have done in my developer edition but in this customer portal when i am login tabs are not showing.


  Any extra steps i have to do in my trial Org?


please help me.


Try these too:



1- setup----->application setup----->create----->object-----> click edit link of your custom object
a - make sure your custom object is in "Deployed" status

b - Make sure the "make available for portal" checkbox is checked

2- if you are using a custom profile for your portal then you should now see the custom object in the profile detail.



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Hi mahi,

if you want to see the tabs of the objects in any user other than Admin profile , those objects must be Deployed. other wise we can't see the tabs in user login.

yes enabled, then only it will shown in the profile right and i have given Read, Edit Operations

and deployed only.

Finally i found the solution.

In the User level i didn't give the Managed Packages Assign Licenses.
i think it will help out to some others
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Brian CroninBrian Cronin
Thanks ssssss.... This helped me.  I didn't have the "Deployed" set.
Carmina CoenenCarmina Coenen
Indeed. Setting the status of the objects to "Deployed" does the trick. Thanks for the tip!