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Mark LendersMark Lenders 

Record Type Dependencies

Hi guys,

when i have to create a new record of an object X, i would can to select the record type A (that i already have) and then in base of value selected in this one, then choose a second record type B with determinated values. Finally in base of values selected i will have a new page with determinated field in visualization. In practice i would a record type dependent on another record type....


Mark - you need to be clearer about your question, its difficult to understand what you're asking.

Are you just asking if you can create a new Record Type with the same picklist values as an existing one ?
Mark LendersMark Lenders

tks for your quick answer, however i will try to be clearer.

consider that i already created 3 record type that represent 3 category (A,B,C) of my object ;

then i need to a further subcategory (with value J,X,Y,Z,W) that is dependent on record type selected.

i would both choices in page that i see when i click NEW.


i.e. if i choose record type A i want that i can choose only on subcategory X,Y,Z and then if i choose Y when i click CONTINUE i will have a determinated page layout, instead if i choose Z when i click CONTINUE i will have a different page layout.

instead if i choose record type B i want that I can choose only on subcategory J,Z and then obviously if i choose Z when i click CONTINUE i have a third different page layout, and so on ....

in practice, i would that page that i will see....will be different not only in base of record type A,B or C but also dependent on choice of subcategory of record type (that i was thinking could be a sort of record type dependent).


i hope now is more clear.


tks in advance

if i will do that i will only create recordtype of subcategory having prefix

see below recordtype name:

Mark LendersMark Lenders

tks teacher :)

if i understood well you mean that i can avoid issue simply creating # of record type in base of # of association on the same.

This is first solution that i thought, but a my collegue remember that he saw, time ago, that it was possible also create dependencies on record type (i'm not sure about what he say...).

Obviously if i have very combinations i will need to create a lot of record type.


i.e. "parent" record type are A,B,C

and "child" are X,Y,Z


if i could manage dependencies i will create only 6 record type, i mean A,B,C,X,Y,Z


instead if i couldn't i have to proceed in your way but i will have to create 9 record type, i mean AX,AY,AZ,BX,BY,BZ,CX,CY,CZ


tks in advance for your support.