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Chris HustedChris Husted 

Custom Button that will Authenticate User

Hello -


We have created a custom button to submit web forms as new records into our Salesforce environment.


I have the form set up to authenticate the ownerID of the person submitting it, but it still has my name listed the Created By, Last Modified, and Submitted By (workflow approval) fields when the record is created in Salesforce no matter which user is submitting the form.


Does anyone know of a way to customize the button to recognize which user is creating the record when submitted?


The third party application we are using for the form is FormAssembly.


Any tips on how I can enable this functionality would be greatly appreciated.




Those fields will always be set as the user handling the record for that particular action.

Apex code can set the Owner ID but the created by ID and Last modified by ID are read-only fields and are always set to the logged in user.