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Outbound email limit changed in FREE edition with Summer 13'?



After updating to Summer 13' I get this error message  in my formerly FREE edition when I'm sending out emails with Outbound Emailing service: (SingleEmailMessage)


SINGLE_EMAIL_LIMIT_EXCEEDED, Failed to send email: []


I dig into it, and found this in the docs:


  • Single email messages sent with the sendEmail method count against the sending organization's daily single email limit.When this limit is reached, calls to the sendEmail method using SingleEmailMessage are rejected, and the user receives a SINGLE_EMAIL_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error code. However, single emails sent through the application are allowed.

So, it seems, that in my org the limit of sendig emails changed suddenly. (to around 10/day)

Does anybody have experiences with this, was this intentional? What can / shall I do now??



Deepak Kumar ShyoranDeepak Kumar Shyoran

Hi Robert,


Yes there is a limit of 10/day to use single email method to send emails. But you can use it to send more then 10 email/day for that you need to attachemed more then person email id and then use send email method of single email class to send email in bulk.


The limit is to use sendEmail method 10 times in a day not to send only 10 email/day. To send more then 10 email you need to create a logic which send email to more then one person by using single call of sendEmail  method by adding email it to setToAddresses[] method, setCcAddresses[] ,etc .



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Hi Deepak,


Thank you for your answer.

I understand what you mean, and myself too was a bit confused of this, but I'm not hitting the 10 email method INVOCATION / day limit (I also checked with the Limits.getEmailInvocations() method) , I'm hitting the actual number of the emails limit, which should be around 1000 / day, but somehow in my org its just around 10 (15).

What is a strange thing, that Before the update to Summer 13' the same code worked as a charm. After the update, it started giving this error message. That's why I thought, something is not right here.

Maybe you have any ideas?





I too am noticing that Salesforce seems to have really clamped down on the number of emails you can send using Free Edtion. In fact, I don't even think they offer Free Edtion anymore, so I guess we should consider ourselves lucky. In fact the Salesforce Limits Cheat Sheet doesn't even mention "Free Edition". I cannot find any documentation on what the limit was, or what it has been changed to. I'm going to try opening a support case from within my org, and see if I get a response.