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support:clickToDial phone value


I had a look at  the doc and I'm a bit confused now




Is it possible hardcode the phone value and not pull it from an entity field of type phone?


Arun MKArun MK




You can always hardcode the value or change it dynamically as you wish.


HardCode Value:

<support:clickToDial number="415-555-1234" entityId="001XB000000HFUM" />


Merge Field Value:

<support:clickToDial number="{!account.phone}" entityId="{!account.Id}" />





Thank you very much



This is exactly  what I thought after looking at the documentation.

I talked to our call center provider - New Voice Media about it. They claim that in order to make a call number  must come from a field of type Phone.

I change the design to pull the number from entity but the click to dial is still disabled. 

Looks like another NVM bug