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Integration and synch with Silverpop

I am posting here in the hope that someone has experience with integration between Salesforce and Silverpop Engage.


We are trying to build a SFDC dashboard with tracking and scoring data from Silverpop connected to a certain campaign started from Salesforce. 

Let me explain through steps:

1) A campaign is defined in Salesforce, it is a Silverpop campaign

2) It is actioned in Salesforce

3) There is a connected program with it in Silverpop with actions entailing the update of contact data in SFDC

4) There is a scoring model with scores that have to be "synched with CRM"

How does that score "synch with the CRM"? Where does the scoring data lend in Salesforce? Can this be configured? 

How is the data "sent back" to SFDC - we would like to know if particular fields can be created in Silverpop and then mapped with custom fields in Salesforce?

Once we know where and how the data is captured we should be able to use it to build dashboards.


Please let me know if you have any similar experience with this? How does salesforce and Silverpop synch, in the direction from SP to Salesforce? 

Sidharth Panda 5Sidharth Panda 5
Hi Stardust,

I know this post dates long back. Could you possibly help me with knowing how you implemented the same?