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How to remove access of Recordtypes from lots of profiles?



We have lots of profiles and now for one of the object we have to remove access of Certain record types for all these profiles.


It is very difficult to go on each and every profile and remove the access. Is there any easy way to that?

Arun MKArun MK



I assume none of your profile going forward will be using those object's record types. If that is the case, Why can't u delete the record types?







Hi ,

Let us say that you have record type "A" and "B" over Account Object. You have 100 Profiles.

All you have to do is go to Setup  Account > Record Type and from there you can select the record type which you want to revoke access by clicking on the name of record type and removing the access to all profiles asociated to it . It pains less .

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