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Cross-Object Reporting

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to create a report on 4 objects (using Veeva, if anyone is familiar):


  1. Accounts
  2. Address
  3. Territory Fields
  4. Calls

The relationships between each of them is as follows:


  1. Account (Parent) <=> Calls (Child)
  2. Accounts (Master) <=> Address (Detail)
  3. Account (Master) <=> Territory Fields (Detail)

From the Account object, I need to pull:


  1. Primary Parent (Lookup --> Account)
  2. Territory
  3. Specialty

On the Territory Fields object, there are three fields that I need to have on the report:


  1. My Target (Checkbox)
  2. Call Frequency (Number)
  3. Segmentation

On the Address object, we need to pull:


  1. Primary Address

From the Call object, I need to pull the number of Calls that have been made against an Account during the specified time period, including the Accounts that have had no Calls against them.


The report would need to show all of the fields and details outlined above in a Summary format. I haven't had any luck creating this using Custom Record Types, since the links aren't there, and using the new Joined Format report isn't exactly the most intuitive.


Can any of you provide guidance on this as to how it can be accomplished? Ideally, there wouldn't be any need for APEX. 


Appreciate all and any of your help with this!