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Insert Record



   Can we insert record into sql database from salesforce on click of customised button in Accounts Object.




Assuming the SQL server is accessible from the Internet or from the local computer, then yes, you can. Possible methods include a REST or SOAP API that can manipulate data (be sure to validate authentication and input), Visualforce code that invokes the server (via Apex Code), Apex Code Web Service methods that invoke the server, Java, Flash, or ActiveX components that call some function to access the database directly or through the platform (direct connections will require likely require security certificates on the machine attempting to call the function). You could also use an Outbound Messaging system as well. The only real limitation with design choices revolves around how much time you have to invest into building a frontend for the SQL server as well as the associated salesforce.com-hosted code.


Hi sfdcfox


   Yes sql server is accessible through internet . Can u pls send me a link or example of this