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Custom field not display value when using with Visualforce Email Template

I have a custom object called Promotion__c.  It has the Owner refererence field to the User object.  In the User object I have custom field called "Theatre__c"


In my Visualforce email template, when I use {!relatedTo.Owner.Email} it works fine.  It errors out when I put in {!relatedTo.Owner.Theatre__c}.  The error is "Error: Invalid field Theatre__c for SObject Name"


Did I miss something?




Try  : {!recipient.Theatre__c}


{!recipient.Theatre__c} worked, but I do not want to use that.  The "recipient" references to the "User" object.  It will display the Theatre of the current user who approving the Promotion.


Instead I want to display the Theatre of the Owner of the Promotion record.  Standard fields worked, but not custom field?


Is it a bug in Salesforce?