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Trouble logging into CS11 using "test.salesforce.com"

I just refreshed a sandbox and it was created on the CS11 instance.  I couldn't get Data Loader or Eclipse to authenticate.  I had to hard-code the instance to "CS11" and it worked fine.  Is this a new issue or have I been lucky enough to never have a sandbox on CS11?  


So logging in using https://test.salesforce.com fails but if I point to https://cs11.salesforce.com, it works fine.


Its a rare issue , please make sure test.salesforce.com domain is not blocked by your internal network websence





It's working today.  It was only happening on CS11 (i.e. I could login to other sandboxes using test.salesforce.com).  I think that the network guys at SFDC were messing with there routers and stuff for the NA1 split for this weekend.  Only a guess but at least it's working.