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Change Maximum Length on Rich Text Field...

My understanding of the Summer release was that a Long Text / Rich Text fields shared one big pool of characters up to 1.6 million.


So I have a Rich Text field I'd like to extend, but it says my Max Available is 32,768 even though I only have one other long text field of 1000 chars on the object, and the help text says I have 1.5+ million chars available.


Any idea what I need to do to enable me to take advantage of the extra characters?




Here is the excerpt from the Release Notes:


There are no longer limits to the number of rich text area and long text area fields that an object can contain, although your
Edition's limit for the total number of custom fields allowed on an object, regardless of field type, still applies. Now, each
object can contain a total of 1.6 million characters across long text area and rich text area fields. The default character limit
for long text area and rich text area fields is 32,000 characters. A long text area or rich text area field needs to contain at least 256 characters. This update is for all Editions except Database.com


I believe what they are saying is that there is no longer a limit on the number of fields of type rich text area / long text area but I believe the character limit on each individual field remains.  Additionally, the total sum of characters from all rich text area and long text area fields cannot exceed 1.6 million. This was my understanding of the new release notes, but I fear this was not the answer you were hoping for-sorry!