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AutoPopulate Opportunity Name field

Hi everyone,


i have scenario where i have to do is autopopulate the opportunity name with Account Name and we have one more field called Lead Source(Picklist) 


what i need to do is put the cancatination of both the fields in the opportunity name field(ex. AccountName-Sale Type(Picklist value).


i know we can get this done with WF field update but when i was looking for the formula i am doing the mistake..


can anyone implemented this kind of scenario please help me out what kind of formula field i need to use.


thanks in advance




Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

First of all you can not use a picklist field in a formula so you need to do it with a trick,


first you have to create another field that can be used in formula a text field or another formula field and use that field in your formula like this , here CutomField is the newly created field


Account.Name + Account.CutomField__c

Shashikant - first of all we can use picklist field in formula field. workflow will do your concatenation as formula will be Name = field1 + field2
Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

Yes , I got confused I was thinking of  ISPICKVAL function , we can not use that , Yes surely we can use picklist values.


thanks for the reply

right now i was using this formula in the wf rule.



NOT(CONTAINS( Name, Account.Name ))


can any one tell how to iclude the picklist field here


thanks in advance...

Use Workflow rule - When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria; then field update on that field using formula = field1 + picklistfield