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Abhijeet Purohit01Abhijeet Purohit01 

Problem with workflow

I am writing a workflow which should trigger an email when following conditions are satisfied:


Status of a picklist field is not changed for 7days OR Status of the text field is not changed for 7days.


This is the formula that I have framed:


AND( NOT(ISCHANGED(Brand__c)),  NOT(ISCHANGED(Comment__c)),  IF((Last_Field_Change__c =Last_Field_Change__c+7),TRUE,FALSE ))


Can anybody help me?

Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

Last_Field_Change__c what is its data type


and refer this link you may get some idea


Abhijeet Purohit01Abhijeet Purohit01

Here, Brand__c is a picklist field, Comment__c is a text field and Last_Field_Change__c is a date/time field which stores LastModified Date/Time of Brand__c or Comment__c.




Try below formula.


AND( NOT(ISCHANGED(Brand__c)),  NOT(ISCHANGED(Comment__c)),  IF((Last_Field_Change__c+7 <=TODAY()),TRUE,FALSE ))


I have modified your formual little bit.



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