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have  a quick question:
1. we are using SF for creating contact, accounts, opportunities etc
2. than we are using netsuite to generate invoice, POs etc.
3. to get the Sales order generated we have integrated another app into salesforce that's is supporting sites through which we creat account again and than account executive create the SOs...

my question is : we are having to create account three times , in SF, netsuite and as well as in another app which we adapted into SF.
is there a way that we can eliminate that third step creating in adapted app (supporting site app) and do everything between salesforce and netsuite only? is there a way?

Let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance.


I know this is an old post, but I'll answer anyway, at least for the SF/NetSuite part.


There is a way to create a NS customers and Sales Orders from Salesforce via Salesforce Apex & NetSuite SuiteTalk.  I'm not sure what else you are using the third application for, but my company is able to use SF for CRM (Sales & Support) and NS for Accounting.


I'd like to know if you have come up with a solution to your problem.  And if so, would be so kind as to share the solution.


I have a similar need; however, I only need SF to synch with NS, not a third app.  We've been using a third party App Exchange app that almost does this, but its not working out.  So I am currently working on a native SF integration.