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approval process

Approval assignments currently go:


·         Step: PSE Resource Request Approval Project Profitability (>15%) GOOD


·         Step: PSE Resource Request Approval Contract Compliance GOOD


·         Step: PSE Resource Request Assignment Creation (WHY???).


I'm copied on these now and I'm getting bombarded on this last step.  Once approved the first two times, can we not have it automatically approve the assignment creation?  What is the purpose of the need for approval on this step?  Seems we can obtain contract compliance approval and automatically approve assignment creation?


Each step has an option of going on to the next step, or approving it.  You should be able to just change that if you don't want it to go to the last step.


Thank you for the reply. do you have any document how to go about it...just simple steps in salesforce were it shows how to do that...


Here's a screen shot of where you can change this.  It's in the Step configuration process.