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Listing reports through metadata API

Following the metadata documentation, I
  1. Used Axis 1.4 to generate .java files from enterprise.wsdl and metadata.wsdl.
  2. Called SoapBindingStub.login(user, password) to connect.
  3. Listed a report I created in a folder I created with
String component = "Report";
String folder = "MyFolder";
ListMetadataQuery query = new ListMetadataQuery (folder, component);
FileProperties[] lmr = metadatabinding.listMetadata (new ListMetadataQuery[] {query});

My questions are:
  1. Is it possible to list the folders, or do I have to know what folder I'm looking for reports in? (Setting folder to null and component to "Folder" and calling  listMetadata gave an error, since there's no such component as "Folder."
  2. Alternatiely, is it possible to just list all the reports, without knowing the folders?
  3. Is it possible to list reports that I didn't create in folders that I didn't create? On the website, in addition to my folder/report, I see many others, but when I try to list them with the above (e.g. folder = "Sales Reports"), nothing is returned.
  4. Finally, is ther any more complete documentation than the metadata docs I linked above? I'm finding I have to do a lot of trial and error to fill in holes in those docs.

Excellent. Thanks yet again!

I spoke too soon.

metadatabinding.listMetadata(new ListMetadataQuery[] { q });

Only returns the folder and report that I created.

Any hints at where I should be looking, or what I might have missed?