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The connection was closed unexpectedly.

I am getting the below error message from the 'System.Net.WebException' when attempting to download data from salesforce. Is anyone familiar with this error message and can help me figure out a way to prevent it. I have tried adjusting the query size down to 1000 from 2000. It happens on both custom objects and normal salesforce objects.

Additional information: The request was aborted: The connection was closed unexpectedly.

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I'm getting the same thing.. I've lowered my batch size to 200 and still get it. I just tested it on a different org and am having the same problem on it.

Update: This seems to be happening on all of our .NET code. Java stuff is unaffected.

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I can confirm the .NET end of things... By all accounts it appears to be a Load Balancer issue, or perhaps one of the servers in the API cluster is out to lunch...

I'm opening a case on it now.

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I opened the case and can definately confirm problem. It looks like it's one or more of the machines in the cluster closing down connections. As I'm not sure how many boxes are in the API cluster it's hard to make a statistical guess as to the number of affected boxes. Anyone at SFDC that's curious the case # is 523101.

I have a particular monitor app that, more or less, is constantly querying the API. It does _all_ it's queries on a single TCP connection to the api cluster. When (if) the error occurs the connection is reset and restarted for the next api query and in my 15 restarts so far the error does not reoccur. This leads me to believe it's a single server in the cluster causing the problem. Also note that this does not happen to every connection.

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I'll escalate, hearing more than one person hitting this