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How to implement single sign on!!

We have integrated a .NET application with Sforce. Once the Sforce user logs into Sfocre.com he can click on one Web Tab which will redirect him our application.

Now, we want the user to be logged into our application without authenticating him once again (by our application) as he already been authenticated by sforce earlier. So, is there any way to get the session details (from Sforce.com) so that we can pass the same into our application?

In other words we want to implement single sign on here.

Please advise how to do this.




You pass the sessionId in the URL over SSL (so that it's secure), and you can also pass over the URL to call back to the API. You can then make a getUserInfo call to find out who the user is, which will return you the userId, the user email, etc. If you need even more info on the user, you can make a retrieve call, passing in the ID of the user.
if you don't have the sessionid (ext app to SF), the only way to do this is to store the username and ID. We have implemented it before like this. Please confirm
There is another way to do this that doesn't require you to store username/passwords. We have a feature called delelgated authentication, that allows you to pass something like a SAML assertion through and validate it.

See the SXIP and Fox solutions here http://www.salesforce.com/partners/solutions.jsp?id=Integration%20(EAI/ETL)