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Enhanced Email Validation

Attached is a C# snippet for sample code for validating email addresses within Sforce. This example gets email address information from Sforce and runs 10 tests on the email address. Email Validation provides fast and most accurate email address validation available and fully complies with Internet standards. Not only does DOTS for Email Validation fully recognize all forms of valid email addresses, but it can also verify the domain of the address and whether the user exists at that domain.

Email Validation performs the following escalating series of checks to verify an email address:

- Detect general format and syntax errors in email addresses
- Ensure addresses use a valid top level domain (e.g. .com, .net, .jp, .cc, etc.)
- Detect improper email address formats for common domains such as Hotmail and AOL
- Confirm that the email address has a valid DNS entry
- Confirm that the email address has a valid MX record
- Confirm that the domain can receive email (no message is actually sent)
- Confirm that the address can receive email (no message is actually sent)
- Determines whether the email address is provided for free (such as gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo...)
- Estimates whether the email address has been established twelve months or more.

All of these test can be performed in less that 1 second. Results for this example are written back to the description field within SForce.

Download sample code here:

Web Site:

Happy Programming!
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