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Need Conceptual Direction Towards Addressing 2 Things


I need conceptual direction towards addressing 2 things. I want to do these 2 things, please read on, and provide your valuable advice/suggestion/tip.

1) I have created a custom object. I want that when ever a new record is added or an existing record is edited from this custom object, My application should be notified. I know about WorkFlow rules and alerts, but will they work for my custom object? Also, instead of getting an email alert, Is it possible to get a software alert (e.g. a callback ...etc) ?

2) I have added a custom field "PreviousOwnerId" to the "Lead" Object. When ever the owner of any Lead record changes, I want to save its previous owner id in this custom field. Any idea about this? Also, the real need is to find the previous owner id, (if not by saving it in a custom field, then by some other mechanism). Can we use Activities to track the change in owner id of a Lead ?

Please give your ideas and tips. I am quite a new one to this, so don't have much information about this. I would "Thankfully" welcome every suggestion.


** Vipul ;

PS: Language = VB.NET, Version = 6.0
Hi VPathak,

First, you can use the replication api calls getDeleted and getUpdated on custom objects. This would be done in a polling process. See the doc for those calls and the sforce Explorer C# sample code for implementation hints.

Second, there is no mechanism by which you can capture the statue of the object just before it is modified by any rules or formulas. You could, however, maintain an external replica of the data and using the replication api, detect changes to the object and relect the previous owner during that process.
Hi DevAngel,

Thanks for your suggestions.

For point 1, Does this means that effectively there is NO way to generate/receive triggers of data update in an sObject, (both Standard and Custom objects) ?

Thanks again.

** Vipul ;
Right. The only exception is if you have workflow rules on objects that generate email as a result of a well defined change to the data of the object. See workflow inside the application for more info.
Is it possible to call getDeleted and getModified from SOQL?

e.g. "getdeleted from Account where ... ?"
Hi pkent,

No, not get deleted. You can do something similar to getupdated by using the sysModStamp field as part of your criteria comparing that field to a begin and end time that you keep track of.
hello vipul,
You have written that you have added custom field to Lead.
I also have to add custom field to account and lead . I am using Sforce 6.0 API and using c#. Can u guide me how can i add this ?
i am using partner WSDL.