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Problem with newest WSDL version in Winter 11 release

Our sandbox was recently updated to the Winter 11 release.  After upgrading, I tried to generate a new Enterprise WSDL.  However, I now receive lots of errors in Eclipse when it tries to parse it.  I'm also unable to parse it correctly to generate my proxy classes (Java) when using the built-in JDK tool 'wsimport.'  This use to work great.


Both tools seem to complain that schema is invalid because of the casing (upper/lower case) of some of the schema elements.  In particular, I've noticed the following changes between my old and new wsdl that are causing errors:


Old Version New Version

<portType name="Soap"> <porttype name="Soap">

<complexType name="sObject"> <complextype name="sObject">

<complexContent> <complexcontent>



I'm sure there are more.  Is this still considered a valid WSDL.  My Java parses don't think so.  It's unclear why this has changed between versions.


Any help in resolving this problem is appreciated,




False alarm.


For whatever reason, why I was saving the wsdl using Firefox or Chrome, it was changing the case of some of the elements (detailed in the first post).  But, when I looked at the source of the web page, it showed the entire contents of the WSDL correctly -with the correct capitalization.  So, I just copy-pasted the contents into a wsdl file and added the missing <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> tag at the beginning of the file.


Hopefully this will help other people that downloaded incorrectly formatted wsdl.  It seems to be caused by my two browsers.