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Hello All,

How to add values for the Division PickList during the creation of a Lead by .NET SOAP client.

When I insert the value of lead object's " Division " field i get the message from the SalesForce that the specified value is not allowed for this field.

Can any body guide me on this?

I have added another PickList value in lead creation process, e.g LeadType by setting the LeadTypeId field to the " Id " of the value from the " LeadType " object of the salesforce.  I do this same for the Division but either it is not a Id field or does not expect the ID of the Division.

Thanks in advance!

Divisions are not like just any picklist -- they're much deeper than that.  The division also affects how the leads show up in list views and reports.  Go to Help & training and see the article called "Creating and Editing Divisions" for info on how to add divisions.