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Salesforce Integration with Biz Talk

Hi Friends,


1) What salesforce API's would be required to integrate salesforce with Biz Talk server.
Can somebody please list the salesforce API's and also give me the link to go through API'S.


I would really appreciate if somebody explicitly list salesforce api's which I will have to use to integrate biz talk with salsforce.







Hi Tric,


What are you trying to do with the integration? If you want to know the specific API calls that would be required it's important to describe what the requirements of the integration are.


Feel free to reach out to me if you have further questions.


Hi Trick,


At the very basic level, I would think that we can use SFDC's REST API with BizTalk. Here is a link for the same...




And here is an example of how to use REST API with BizTalk



Anything more specific would need for us to understand what you are trying to do, otherwise the basic pattern would be to authenticate / login, make RESTFUL calls and do something with the data :-)


HTH, Thanks!