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How to retrieve asyncRequestId from deploymentId found in Monitor Deployments?

I'm using the Ant Migration Tool to manage deployments.  Frequently I'm asked by team members to help them with their deployments after they've failed.  It's very useful to look at the log output, in particular the error messages.  However, I often don't have the asynRequestId of their deployment -or they run another deployment and lost the ANT ouput that showed the asyncRequestId when the deployment started.


Is it possible to find the asyncRequestId from the deploymentId?  The deploymentId is the only information visible in the Setup -> Monitor Deployments page.  I would love to use that and somehow download the log for a given deployment.  I'm using Ant Migration Tool with the following command:


ant -Dsf.asyncRequestId=<04s.......> <some target>


Any help is appreciated.



I dont think we can get the get the requestID from the deployment ID.

But you can contact salesforce support and see if they can provide you the deployment logs.

Understand it is difficult to log a case every time there is a deployment but i don't think there is any other way to get the logs.

Satish Kumar