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Gurditta GargGurditta Garg 

delete free developer account



I've created so much mess in my account and now i want to delete the account and also want to create with the same email id.



There's not a way to delete a developer account, but you can create a new one - even if the user ID differs it can still point to the same email address.
Create a new one and change your username in the old one to something else.. anything else that somebody else won't use. That way you free up your username for another org.

Also, I have a feeling that developer accounts get deleted after so long without activity.

There a way to do so. You need to log a case for Salesforce to delete your salesforce developer org.


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Nazeer AhamedNazeer Ahamed

April, related question - how can we chnage the name given in the community? I have update community nick name in user record and it doesn't help.


If you want to create a NEW developer account with the same email ID is possible.

There is no way to delete/reset your salesforce developer account.
However you can point the existing userName/email to some other account, and recreate the developer account from the same existing account.
Go To MySetting->Personal->AdvancedUserDetails->Edit