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Salesforce for Outlook sync error: "You have one or more Outlook sync folders missing"

Hi My user is having a problem in synch the event and task and throwing up an error "You have one or more outlook sync folders missing".


I am trying the solution posted on SF article. But the problem the solution is for outllook 03, 07 not for 2010 as I cannot see any tool option on outlook 2010 to check the the synching.


Link: (http://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?id=000170939&language=en_US).


Please any help will be appreciated.




selvi naiduselvi naidu
Hi Abhishek
I hope you can solve your problem with Outlook Sync error by getting an idea from this blog:-  https://www.sysinfotools.com/solve-error/cannot-open-your-default-email-folders.html