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Salesforce.com Certified Force.com Developer Spring '13 Release Exam

I recently cleared my 401 certification and I am trying to keep my developer certification current by appearing for this release exam.
I am new to this release exam thing and as such I need someone who has taken this release exam to help me out with few q's.

a) What is the pattern of this release exam ?.How many questions comprise this exam and what format they will be(multiple choice or essay etc) and what is the passing score ?

b) Should I have to complete this exam in a single web session or can i log out take a break and continue ?.

Thanks for your time !!!


Sujan Kumar ReddySujan Kumar Reddy

Release exams are mandatory to complete for maintaining your certification credentials active. Coming to exam pattern, it would be comprising of 5 questions, in which 60% should be pass percentage. i.e you need to answer 3 questions correctly. Duration of the exam session is 30 minutes. You will be having maximum of three attempts.

Completing the exam in single web session is recommended, if any discrepancy happened that leads to end your session. Then later again you can start the session from where you resumed it earlier.

Good Luck!!