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Ritika JRitika J 

How to get a record approved by contact?

Hi All,


I have a requirement , where i need to get a record approved or rejected  by contact. But in standard approval process approver can only be users.


How could I take advantage of the Approval Process included in salesforce?


Or is there any other way to implement this.



Thnaks in advance,



Tim BarsottiTim Barsotti

Typically speaking... Contacts don't have access to your SF and subsequently don't have access to your approval processes. So if you wanted to make it dependent on something like having the contact sign a contract, then it should be a user's responsibility to update the record upon receiving the signed contract. 


You might be able to work outside these typical limitations and create a rule forwarding emails to SF and then have Email to Apex process incoming emails which could scan for vocabulary such as "approved" and have the apex update the record.