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Sharepoint Files Migration to AWS S3, with SF as front-end (Files + Metadata?)

Are there any tools that are designed specifically to aid in the migration of exporting sharepoint documents (with metadata) and restructure them so they are stored in Amazon S3?

Or, has anyone done such a migration and can highlight the tool(s) used to do it? Maybe first exporting the SP Files + Metadata, and another tool that renames them all (with the metadata used as a template for file renaming) so re-uploading it to S3 would just be copy paste?

I've found a couple tools that does the first half (export with metadata) such as SPLIST - but nothing that's all encompassing yet.


The last piece of this is that my SF org already has an integration with AWS S3, and i'll need to somehow....get that Sharepoint metadata to help with recreating all the File (S3) records in salesforce...so the records all point back to their respective AWS S3 bucket file(s).


This is a doozy.