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Unable to login into Force.com through Eclipse


I am using Eclipse Galelio ver 3.5.2 and i am unable to login into the salesforce perspective with my credentials as it says connection timed out .also i have increased the time from 400 to 600 but still its not working .need help!!!


Use security token along with password.



Magulan D

Salesforce.com certified Force.com Developer.



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If you are trying to sync it up with your sandbox org, your login might be name@org.com.sandbox or name@org.com.dev1.  Verify

Also be sure to select the Enviornment type (Production, Sandbox, etc...)  If all of this information is correct and you have set the timeout to 600, you may need to be present while it accepts all of your credentials.  I've run into an issue in the past where the credentials were correct but it won't finish processing until you click Continue when the connection timeout window pops up.


Hope this helps!