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Ranjith PunneliRanjith Punneli 

URL inside a field



I need to display various kinds of below data in a vf page.


<link to articles><User friendly name><some texts> 

<some texts><link to articles><User friendly name><some texts>

<some texts><link to articles><User friendly name>


I created a text area field and updated data as 

<a href="<link>" target="_parent">Learn more</a> and get excited to enhance your skills!

However, when I try to display this in vf, it is exactly coming as what i have given, not as a url link. 


any suggestions?

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Daniel HaselhanDaniel Haselhan

If you are using <apex:outputText> to print out the TextArea field you are using, you can add a tag, escape="false". This tag prevents salesforce from escaping whatever is output, so any HTML in the field will be rendered.

<apex:outputText escape="false">URL_FIELD</apex:outputText>


Alternatively, you can switch the text area to a formula field and use the HYPERLINK function.

"BBC News")

As seen on this page:



Hope this helps!