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Looking for PHP example of a SSU authentication request.

Hi all,

I have successfully used PHP regular SoapClient and the PHP toolkits to login to our Unlimited service which is fine.  However I read that in order to authenticate against the Self-Service Users I need to use the LoginScopeHeader - however this appears to be utterly undocumented.

I also downloaded newer versions of the Toolkits (even the SSU toolkit) but was unable to find any reference to LoginScopeHeader outside of the WSDL.



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I've got an example of this, but it requires some code changes to the PHP toolkit itself as it currently doesn't have any notion of the LoginScopeHeader.

Let me get a clean version of the patched 1.1.1 beta toolkit together as I've just started with it today, and got the self-service login working in the past few minutes, and I'll share it with you along with my self-service login example.

Salesforce folks -

If you'd like to incorporate my changes supporting LoginScopeHeader into the PHP toolkit, I'll be happy to send you a zip of the patched 1.1.1 toolkit, or a context diff that you can apply with patch. The changes are nothing surprising, but the patch will save you a few minutes. And, of course, I'd be thrilled to not have to patch subsequent versions if I want to upgrade ;-)

PM or email me to let me know if you want this.
Paul GreggPaul Gregg

Many thanks for your patched toolkit.  It works like a charm.  I would encourage SFDC to add this ability into the toolkit.   At a minimum you should be able to specify the LoginScopeHeader and, best, genericise the ability to add any custom header to the soap call.

Thanks again Kevin.


Hey, I am currently trying to make a php page that logs a user in as a portal user. We have an application process for our non-profit that allows users to login from our website. I am not seeing anywhere for portal user logins and was hoping you could give me your patch to help!