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MS SQL Server Integration

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Salesforce development and I hope this is the proper place to post my question, if not please let me know and I'll post accordingly.

Does anyone know how I can connect to my salesforce instance with SQL server.  I'm currently trying to figure out how we can do custom analystics using MS SQL Analysis Services and I would like to be able to pull in all of our salesforce data.  The specific tools i'm using are SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) with Business development studio.  Further, I thought I might be able to connect to the salesforce web service using the web services event within SSIS and it appears with template supports very few web services outside of the microsoft world.

Any help greatly appreciate!, Thanks.

You could write .NET code to push data into SQL-Server from salesforce, or you could just use a tool like DBAmp
How to push data into sql-server from salesforce? any sample?

Judging from the initial Post it looks like you want to Synchronize a good bit of your SFDC data into your Data Warehouse for BI purposes.  


So with Web Services at your Enterprise (where SQL Srv is located), these are generally meant for Event based processing.    For example pushing a button in SFDC to get more detail on an Acct and show it on the screen, or pushing a button to process an order.  You can also host a web service in your DMZ to receive an Outbound Message from SFDC based on workflow changes.   The problem with Web Services for Large Data Sets (moving lots of data in single calls) is that you need to account for an Architecture that can track Timeouts, Failed Transactional windows, and orphaned records on your end.  (because they are going to happen :-)



Most of the time for DB --> SFDC you will see the SFDC Data Loader recommended on the discussion boards, but you are going the other way

 (SFDC -->DB) 


As far as FREE tools go, you should take a look at Informatica OnDemand FREE data loader which will allow you to move data either way.  


Take a look at SFDC Best Apps of 2008 for other App Exchange applications that you can you to simplify this for you. 






Are there any catches in Informatica FREE Data Loader in terms of licensing and support costs? What is free and when do you have to start paying (examples would be helpful) - I am sure Informatica is hoping that free will attract some downstream business! 


We are an ISV built on top of and are wondering if we could recommend this as an integration approach to our clients. 

Check CozyRoc SSIS+ library. It does include components for reading and writing to Salesforce service object.



were  you able to work this out using apex. Could please help me this.






I have also the same requirement. Can you please help me for solving this. Thanks in advence.





Osvald MarkusOsvald Markus
Just use 3rd-parties connector like Skyvia (, it`s much easier then SSIS and can be used for all type of users.
richard harding 1richard harding 1
I have a process/tool that exports Salesforce data to sql databases (MS,MYSQL or ORACLE).
 For a trial copy, email me at