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Java and SFDC integration

Hi all,


A few questions I hope someone might be able to help me with:


  • Is it possible to load a complete Java program in SFDC and trigger it via a button?
  • Can generated log files and screenshots be loaded back into SFDC and not stored locally?
  • Can fields in SFDC be fed into a Java program (the Java program currently runs by parsing a CSV file)

Any pointers, indications of whether some/all of the above is possible and/or general advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!


No , You can 't load Java programmer directly into SFDC .


You exchange date and files between SFDC and java programmer through Force.com Web Services API.


Can refer to the Force.com web services API developer reference available in the link , for How  http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Documentation


Thanks and Regards,

Dinesh Nasipuri



Try googling VMFORCE.

Java programs can be deployed into database.com.

I am not sure if they can be done onto salesforce.com.