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Scott PolkScott Polk 

MALFORMED_QUERY using formula field

Hi all,
First, let me say that i am new to developing with SalesForce and the API.  I am using the Partner WSDL to connect to SF.  I am trying to pull a query that contains a formula field in the condition clause, but i am getting a MALFORMED_QUERY error saying 'unexpected token Next_Invoice_Date__c'.  I have searched and searched for an answer, but i cant seem to find one.
My query (VB.NET):
Dim SFqr As SForce.QueryResult = SFService.query("SELECT Id, Name, ACCT_Last_invoice_date__c, Next_Invoice_Date__c FROM Opportunity " _
                & "WHERE OPS_Lease_Begin_Date__c != null " _
                & "AND Next_Invoice_Date__c <= " & sMaxDate & " " _
                & "AND (Turn_off_billing_date__c = null OR Turn_off_billing_date__c > Next_Invoice_Date__c) " _
                & "AND (ACCT_Last_invoice_date__c != Next_Invoice_Date__c AND ACCT_Last_invoice_date__c != null)")

 The variable sMaxDate is populated with a date in the format yyyy-MM-dd.  The text in red is what the error is referring to.  What i dont understand is why it is excepting the first Next_Invoice_Date__c (in orange), but not the second.

Can someone please advise me on what to do?
Thanks in advance
Gareth DaviesGareth Davies

have you tried usign SForce Explorer to debug this query?

If drop me an email and I will send you a pre-release of  DataScope which is in final testing and may help.

Scott PolkScott Polk
Call me crazy, but i cant seem to get the sForce Explorer to work.  It's not connecting because of a proxy authentication error.
The query is invalid soql.  Right now it is not valid to include a field in the right side of an expression.  It must be a literal value.
Just as "Select name from account where ownerid = lastModifiedId" is invalid  your comparison of "Turn_off_billing_date__c > Next_Invoice_Date__c" is invalid.
Next_Invoice_Date__c must be a value.
Scott PolkScott Polk
Thanks Ender

I guess i will have to whip out some nasty workaround then.  :smileyhappy: