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Problem creating a self-service user MALFORMED_ID: bad id lgQFM4sP



I have a workflow that calls an outbound message (OM) and passes the following values: email, firstname, lastname, id, self_service_password__c.


When the OM fires, I receive the following error: MALFORMED_ID: bad id lgQFM4sP. lgQFM4sP is the value in the self_service_password__c field.


Here is my code that the OM is calling:


        ContactNotification.ContactNotification[] contacts = notifications1.Notification;
        for (int i = 0; i < contacts.Length; i++)
            ContactNotification.ContactNotification notification = contacts[i];
            ContactNotification.Contact contact = (ContactNotification.Contact)notification.sObject;
            EnterpriseWebReference.SelfServiceUser ssu = new EnterpriseWebReference.SelfServiceUser();
            ssu.ContactId = contact.Id;
            ssu.FirstName = contact.FirstName;
            ssu.LastName = contact.LastName;
            ssu.Username = contact.Email;
            ssu.Email = contact.Email;
            ssu.TimeZoneSidKey = "America/Chicago";
            ssu.LocaleSidKey = "en_US";
            ssu.LanguageLocaleKey = "en_US";
            ssu.IsActive = true;
            ssu.IsActiveSpecified = true;
            EnterpriseWebReference.SaveResult[] saveResults = binding.create(new EnterpriseWebReference.sObject[] { ssu });
            for (int a = 0; a < saveResults.Length; a++)
                EnterpriseWebReference.SetPasswordResult result = binding.setPassword(saveResults[a].id, contact.Self_Service_Password__c);
        ContactNotification.notificationsResponse response = new ContactNotification.notificationsResponse();
        response.Ack = true;
        return response;

 Any help is appreciated!

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You're not checking that the call to create actually succeeds, so the id you pass to setPassword might be null, which could lead to the rather misleading error you're seeing.


Thanks, Simon. Can you give me an example of how I can check to see if the call succeeds?


Thank you, Simon.  Turns out the issue was that I was trying to insert a self service user record for a contact that was already linked to a SSU.