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VB Toolkit Pilot Usage Question

General topic:
As one of the pilot users of the VB toolkit, I have had a few questions I'd like to ask of the community of fellow pilot users.  I was leary of using this forum for such questions, but didn't have an easily accessible alternative.

One question is critical enough for me now, however, that I'll break that silence. I'm amenable to alternative forums, or to the request that we take such discussions offline.

My specific question:
Have any of you figured out a way to update a field to a null value using the toolkit?

My specific problem is updating a custom date field to the default empty - or null - value. The generic API document indicates that you set a null value by adding the field name to an array in the object called "fieldsToNull". So far, I've been unable to find a way to accomplish this through the Toolkit objects. Attempts to set the field value to a null string result in an error, and setting them to the value "empty" results in a date of January 0, 1900.

Thanks ... Scot

I received a reply from outside the forum ... this is a bug in the current toolkit.


Is this problem fixed in the current version? How can I do it?

When using my own code, items set to null appear to be unchanged.
I've been through the demo code, and could find no indication of how to specify updating to null.
And the demo code for updating explicitly sets values only for those items which are non-blank.

I've got 6000 entries which I want to set to blank/null!




A sort-of workaround for text or multi-pick fields: set the value to " " (a single blank). While it won't take a null string, it does take this.  This won't work for most of the other data types, however, since this is not a valid date, ID, etc.  Also, this won't provide a true null value.