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Office Toolkit: Updating Multi-select picklists needs version 4.0 API?

Is there any way to get the Office Toolkit to function with the 4.0 API?

I have 8,000 contacts on which I would like to use the Multi-select picklist.  Conversion of the current text field - which happens to exactly mimic the format of the multi-select display format of value; value; value - will apparently discard all current values. I can extract them, convert, and re-input them, EXCEPT ...

It appears the the toolkit cannot update multi-select picklists ... probably because it is using the 3.0 API?

Until I can get a method of updating these, it looks like I cannot use the new feature.



Hi Scot,

This will be fixed for GA.  The toolkit will have full parity with 4.0.

The 4.0 capability is available in the 2.0 version of the COM Toolkit, now available as part of the most recent Office Edition.