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Trouble using Excel connector to extract records modified today

I have been trying to use the Excel connector to identify opportunity records that have been modified on a particular date.  I keep getting records outside my criteria.   For example, using the criteria of:

Last Modified Date >= 11/15/2004 0:00 Last Modified Date <= 11/15/2004 23:59

returns records having a Last Modified Date of 11/14/2004 19:24 through 11/15/2005 17:59.  The last record has a Last Modified Date of 11/17/2004 16:06.  Is there some sort of logical business day at work here?


This'll be due to TZ offset issues, you don't specify a TZ on the filter clauese so i think it assumes GMT, but the rows retrieved will be adjusted based on your local timezone, giving the apparently skewed results you're seeing.
Ron HessRon Hess

Simon, good catch !

i should look into improving the date handling w.r.t local time zones, however until now I've tried to keep it as simple as possible by returning data as it comes across from the API.  I guesss I could pull the user 's timezone and apply it, but i'm currently testing a few other nice to have features like "TODAY +- N" in date fields.

unless this ( timezone shifting) is really important i will probably continue to serve the data just as it comes back from the API


Thanks Ron.  We were investigating the use of the Excel connector as a possible replacement for using Pervasive's Business Integrator in extracting data from Salesforce.   BI is a little slow and my client didn't want to buy the integration engine so we were looking for an alternative that could be configured to automatically run daily. 

Sounds like the other date functionality you are working on would be a lot more valuable than messing with timezones.  If we need to handle the timezone then my recommendation is will be to write a Java or .Net program.   

Ron HessRon Hess

I've not used the connector for any automated integration points, let me know what you discover.

I'd still like to say that Data Junction or BI is the proper tool for the job of performing complex, repeatable ongoing integrations unless you are willing to write custom code. The excel connector does not come with the type of support that you may require to build and maintain a full integration process...

 that said, let me know what you find as you push the limits.